Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spritz into Spring

(hot picks)

1) Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue: handful of jasmine, touch of bamboo, a dab of musk
 clean fresh feminine scent!
2) Ralph Lauren-HOTcreamy vanilla, pinch of honeysuckle, mandarin and amber
for the social butterfly

3) Marc Jacobs-LOLA: bundles of pear, rose, peony, drop of grapefruit
the big sis of fragrances

4) Michael Kors- Very Hollywood: fresh iris, wet moss, dab of rasberry, gardenia
earthy and casual!
5) Anna Sui- SUI DREAMS: pinch of powder, sandalwood, notes of: tangerine & bergamot  
Bermuda in a bottle

Every female wants a signature fragrance,
a scent that tells the world who you are, a smell that embodies inner energy and beauty, a perfume romance that tells a private story of where you've been and what's in store..

refresh and rethink your perfume wardrobe this spring!

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