Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All That Glitters Is Metallic

1. of the nature of or suggesting metal, as in luster, resonance, or hardness
Metallic: the new black?

The fresh trend: Metallic Fashion is simply, breathtaking! This is a trend I will definitely stand behind, at least for spring 2010. 

Although this fashion seems a bit over-the-top for anything but the red carpet or runway, a simple metallic tank (like Victoria Beckham's racer-back tank) paired with leggings would be much more functional for a night out. 

tips: metallics make great accessories because they are considered 'neutral' and can be worn with almost anything. If you aren't bold enough to dress head to toe in metallic, try starting with small accessories and work yourself up. 

Embrace your inner metallic! 
(pictured left to right: Michael Kors-Chrissi Wide Belt, Tibi-Metallic Leaves Skirt, Victoria Beckham racer-back tank, Bobby Brown-Metallic Eye-makeup) 

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  1. I read your fashion blog and every single piece of clothing reminds me so much of you! If I had the money, I would buy it all!!!! You know I love the glitz!!